Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flash Security Update

Adobe has released a security update for its Flash player, which you almost certainly have if you've ever watched any video or animated image online. The update patches five potential security holes. You'll want to do this right away -- some of the flaws are rated "critical."

The latest version number, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, is To check which version of Flash you currently have installed, visit:

Assuming you need an update, visit the link labeled Player Download Center, right on that same page (or by clicking my link.

Important: You'll have to do the upgrade separately if you use different browsers, once for Firefox/Opera/Safari and once for Internet Explorer. (I don't know if Chrome is included in the first group or not.) Just revisit the above links.

Also note: the Internet Explorer update is done in place, and you'll be offered the chance to install the Google Toolbar at the same time. Uncheck that box before proceeding. The update for Firefox, et al, is done by downloading an installer file, closing your browser, and double-clicking the downloaded file.

In both cases, for me, the update was painless and only took about a minute per browser.

Brian Krebs has details, if you want them.

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