Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Calling Hate Radio Out For What It Is

I’m strongly against a policy of banning people based on what they say (cf.), but I like the honesty of putting Michael Savage on the same list as Fred Phelps and Stephen Donald Black.

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Adam said...

I listened to Savage for laughs for a couple hours a week for a few weeks until I got tired of his shtick. I think that I probably listened to about 4 hours total before giving it up... it was during the week when those kids in Texas were taken away by authorities from those cult-members and he was rambling on about something insane about how "the Leprechaun" Bill O'Reilly needed to stop defending the government's thugs (the Texas Ranger) for being the Governor of Texas's fascist henchman, and that basically all religious people would eventually be taken away to government internment camps.

His show gets good ratings, but so does the (formerly run by Art Bell) Coast to Coast AM Show about alien close encounters and stuff. I don't disagree with you than Savage is a fucking lunatic with insane opinions and listeners, but unlike some people like O'Reilly or Hannity or Limbaugh who might have a a legitimate claim to represent "the folks" in the Republican Party I think that Savage's listener base is too radical to even be called Republicans.

That said, his constituency is also people who also support insane causes like not getting their children vaccinated and treating cancer with "alternative medicines." Listen to him hold court some time about how he's got a PhD. in natural healh from UC Berkeley and how he knows that what they want you to eat is poison sometime... the dude's just nuts, and while there may be lots of insane right-wingers out there who think the Republicans are way too far to the left, well, that's kind of the poin... they think the choice between Republicans and Democrats is a false one and that the "real" solution to this country's problems is way, way to the right of either of the parties.

Born Michael Weiner and having grown up a very liberal hippy who was into like an all natural food and alternative medicines movement before becoming the most insane right-wing ideologue on radio sometimes I wonder if he's not actually really still a liberal engaging in basically the most elaborate of all conspiracies as a form of art... go under deep, deep cover as a pretend right wing lunatic and see how far he could go before he could get called out for it... which of course was never.