Saturday, May 09, 2009

Heads-up to Bloglines Users

I don't know if you've tried checking your feeds lately, but Bloglines was down for most of today, Saturday 9 May 2009. It just came back up. I'd recommend going in and exporting your feeds as an OPML file (link near the bottom of the left pane). This file can be used to import your feeds into another feed reader, should you decide you have to make a switch.

And I say "just in case" because of a post by Rogers Cadenhead, which presents reasons to be worried about the continued existence of Bloglines. I don't know Rogers, and this is just one source, so take it for it's worth, but it seems credible and has some supporting links. It certainly is true that Bloglines was down for the better part of today, and it obviously won't hurt to export your subscriptions list.

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