Thursday, May 14, 2009

Patch Tuesday + Adobe Patch

Reminder for Windows users: today is Patch Tuesday. If you don't have Windows Updates set to run automatically, you know what to do.

A fairly light month this month -- the usual monthly Malicious Software Removal Tool update, plus some Office-related patches. Brian Krebs has details.

Also note in Krebs's post: Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader need patching. I've long since stopped using Adobe Reader in favor of FoxIt, but I did run the update for the hell of it: fired up Reader and did Help → Check for Updates.

Weirdly, the update pop-up window goes underneath the main Reader window, so minimize the latter to see what's going on. The update went smoothly, although, annoyingly as Adobe always does, during the update it assigns PDF files to be opened by Reader by default, so I had to changed the file association back again by hand. (Right-click on a PDF file, do Open With, choose Foxit, and let FoxIt prompt you for resetting the default when it opens.)

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