Friday, May 08, 2009

New Hampshire: Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes State House

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire state House passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in that state. The vote was 178-167. (sources: AP, CNN)

Last week, we noted that the state Senate had passed a similar bill, 13-11. The two branches have resolved the differences between their versions, and the bill has been sent to Gov. John Lynch.

As we also noted in that earlier post, it is unclear what Gov. Lynch will do:

He is on record as opposing the use of the M-word while favoring civil unions. He has not said whether he will veto the bill. He may let it pass without signing it. If he does veto it, the narrowness of the winning margins in both houses of the legislature suggests they won't be able to override a veto.

And once again, if you'd like to urge Gov. Lynch to do the right thing, please visit his contact page, where you can send him an email and/or pick up his phone and fax numbers.

(h/t: Steve Benen)

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