Friday, May 08, 2009

VLC Media Player Update

VideoLAN has released version 0.9.9 of their VLC media player. If you have VLC installed, you may be notified up the availability of the update the next time you launch it, depending on how you have your preferences set. You can also get the update by doing Help → Check for Updates or by visiting their site.

The new release includes bugfixes, decoder updates for Windows, and improved support for Real Media files.

I got the update by accepting the notification. The installer program downloaded; when it finished I double-clicked it. The installer first uninstalled the existing version of VLC and then launched the installation of the new version. That failed, possibly because I had my browser open. I closed my browser, double-clicked again, and the installation worked fine.

Coming in v1.0.0: a new logo update(!). Say good-bye to the cone and hello to the bulldozer. Details on the VideoLAN home page.

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