Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meet the Newest America-Hater, Jesse Ventura!

Here's a face that illustrates what it means to say Dick Cheney has a 18% approval rating:

(alt. video link)

We'll take the strong anti-torture statement, but seriously, the Sharon Tate murders?

(h/t: Andrew Sullivan)


John Evo said...

I bet we could get him to endorse same sex marriages and taking "in god we trust" off the money!

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Cheney's up to 18%? How'd that happen?

Ruthb!ll1 said...

RE We'll take the strong anti-torture statement, but seriously, the Sharon Tate murders?

Ventura's using hyperbole when he speaks here, and I think he makes a very good point.

bjkeefe said...


By "seriously, the Sharon Tate murders?", I was referring to the staleness. I'd be willing to bet most people appreciably younger than me were all, "Who's Sharon Tate?" (And by "most people appreciably younger than me," I have a phrase that is 67% redundant, by word count.)

Of course, that is probably not the demographic of the Larry King audience, so maybe Jesse made the right call.

TC said...

Jesse is making the point that with water boarding you can get anyone to confess to anything, so whether you lived through the Sharon Tate murders and remember Charles Manson or not, you certainly get the point that torture can get confessions to things one didn't do. Surely anyone watching would understand the thrust of what Jesse said whether they remember his specific example or not.

John Evo said...

Brendan - if it was for the Larry King audience, he should have said, "I'd have Cheney admitting that he did it, instead of Bruno Hauptmann".

Ruthb!ll1 said...


Thanks for your reply. I misunderstood you yesterday and thought that you meant that Ventura was grossly unfair to Cheney. I appreciate your explanation, and I agree with you that many people may not know who Sharon Tate is. Maybe Ventura had Sharon Tate on his mind because both Roman Polanski's and Charles Manson's names have been in the news lately.

I love your blog. Keep up the great work.