Thursday, May 07, 2009

Heather's Got the Vapors Again

Heather Mac DonaldHeather Mac Donald, often held up as an intellectual force on the right (got a job at the Manhattan Institute, a pointless space in her last name, and everything!), is still Very Very Concerned About Those Black People She Knows So Well. After spouting a bunch of statistics about the Negros and their love for killin', she then gets to her point:

If the black illegitimacy rate were not nearly three times the rate of whites’, I would have few qualms about gay marriage.

Yes, she actually typed that. Why it required an introduction filled with murder statistics I'll leave as an exercise for the reader.

Continuing ...

Or if someone can guarantee that widespread gay marriage would not further erode the expectation among blacks that marriage is the proper context for raising children, I would also not worry. But no one can make that guarantee.

Therefore, since you can not satisfy her impossible made-up request, she is fully justified in another aspect of her bigotry.

Why might it further depress the black marriage rate? There is a logical reason and a visceral reason. First, it sends the signal that marriage is simply about numbers: it is an institution that binds two (for the moment) people who are in love.

Because everyone knows Teh Ghey no likee the long-term commitment. Why else are They always going in the bushes at Griffith Park, amirite?

Or wait .. maybe "(for the moment)" is dog-whistle to people who are convinced that letting the same-sex couples get married inevitably leads to polygamy. Okay, whatever. What's next?

It erases completely the significance that marriage is THE context in which the children of biological parents should be raised.

Yes, when two men or two women get married (and we won't even address the horror of ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION OR THEM ADOPTING CHILDREN), the guaranteed consequence is that straight couples will forget why they ever had the urge to get married.

And there are undoubtedly many other subtle meanings and effects of gay marriage that we cannot even imagine at the moment—which institutional shift is something that conservatives should be most attuned to.

We cannot imagine them, but we know they are scary!

As for the visceral reason: ...

It's the ick factor, isn't it, Heather? Oh, no? More psuedo-intellectualizin'? Please, continue.

It is no secret that resistance to homosexuality is highest among the black population (though probably other ethnic minorities are close contenders).

And never mind the population of, say, white evangelical Christians. Wouldn't want to slice the population in any way except as it allows Heather to portray blacks as the worst, right?

I fear that it will be harder than usual to persuade black men of the obligation to marry the mother of their children if the inevitable media saturation coverage associates marriage with homosexuals. Is the availability of homosexual marriage a valid reason to shun the institution? No, but that doesn’t make the reaction any less likely.

Shorter: straight black men won't marry women because they're afraid if they do, everyone will think they're fags.

In her defense, she eventually gets around to ...

What are the chances that gay marriage would further doom marriage among blacks? I don’t know.

... though this does raise the question of why she started writing this lunacy in the first place.

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John Evo said...

"Intellectual force". Really? Huh...

bjkeefe said...

Yes, I'm sure I've heard that said about her before several times. By the usual suspects, of course, but she is regarded as "a champion for our side" by those on her side.