Saturday, May 30, 2009

Turnabout is Today's Fare. Play.

If you're at all familiar with this blog (or the éminence grise lurking behind it), you know that On The Media is a long-time favorite. Here is a treat along those lines: show hosts Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield being interviewed themselves, by Jesse Thorn on The Sound of Young America.

This is among other things an interesting discussion of the show's history (once Brooke and Bob took it over), why they believe that having a point of view is a must for a criticism/analysis show, how this makes them the red-headed stepchild of National Public Radio (who like to obsess over impartiality/neutrality/objectivity/call it what you will (I call it an unhealthy fetish for Balance™ leading to too many he said/she said stories and too much credibility given to wingnuts)) … where were we? … oh yes, other forms of media bias, what they think about Fox News, covering new media, and why they totally hate Jon Stewart oknotreally.

The show was recorded in early April. It's about half an hour long.

(alt. audio link)

If you'd rather download an MP3 than stream this, visit the "alt. audio link."

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