Thursday, May 07, 2009

Creepy Mental Image of the Day

Trump said the racy shots of Carrie Prejean were heading his way so that he can review them …


This from a quick post on RadarOnline, via watertiger, describing the owner of the beauty pageant, The Donald Trump, who will be deciding whether to strip Miss California of her … … … … crown, yeah, that's it, because she had the temerity to pose for said "racy shots" at some point before entering the beauty pageant.

Look, I have no sympathy for this self-appointed spokeswoman for "opposite marriage" as far as blowback from the great unwashed of the leftosphere goes. She'll doubtless parlay her looks, her churchiness, and her anti-civil rights attitudes into big dollars on the right-wing media circuit. But the idea of a contest which is all about putting young women up on stage to prance around in bikinis, for our ogling pleasure, after paying for them to have boob jobs I hardly need add, and then looking to punish them for posing for pictures -- "Semi-nude!" The horror! -- is just beyond belief. At this point, I think I'd even allow Larry Craig to accuse them of hypocrisy.

But hey, don't take it from me. Make your own judgment. Here is one of the "racy shots" and a photo taken during the pageant, in a side-by-side comparison, for science.

(enlarge image)

(pic. sources: The Donald, Carrie (L), Carrie (R))

[Added] Roy Edroso has some thoughts on this topic, and if you missed it: his round-up of Wingnuttia's early hysteria over the pageant itself.


ArtSparker said...

On the other hand, "no publicity is bad publicity "applies in this case I think...American attitudes about sex are a little confused.

bjkeefe said...

Agree about the publicity angle for the most part, although it seems to me that pitching yourself to a market that is clearly shrinking (the opponents of same-sex marriage) does not seem like the best strategy. I have to think that Carrie has closed a lot of doors for herself if she's interested in going the acting route, and I suspect her modeling career will not be helped by this, either. (Not that I really think she was this calculating.)

Completely agree about (some) Americans' confused attitudes towards sex, although truth be told, in the case of people who run beauty pageants, I have a more cynical interpretation: I think they look at the contestants as products and what they want to sell is an image of beauty that no one has possessed before.