Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From the Annals of the Unsurprising

So, to follow up on something we noted earlier, the NAACP has passed the resolution they were considering, condemning "racism in the Tea Party movement." Or "explicitly racist behavior" or "racist elements of the Tea Party" or "the racist element and activities within the tea party." The resolution is not final yet -- that's supposed to be decided when the NAACP's national board of directors meets in October, according to the AP.

This, of course, has not stopped the usual suspects from hearing the news as NAACP CALLS ALL TEA PARTY PATRIOTS EVARYWHERE RACISTS!!!1! and immediately turning the frothing up to 11. Michelle Malkin, well-known for her chronic denials, even when not accused, in all caps and with as many extra AAAs as a wingnut could want, fired off a column and a blog post, both tastefully titled, "The National Association for the Advancement of Coddled People." No need to click over unless you're running short of spittle. None of which even comes close to being racist.

Dan of the UnRiehl World View faps up a collection of like-minded folk, squeaking and swarming like rats in a box, eager to outdo each other in condemning the NAACP. Among others, he namechecks Jonah Goldberg, blockquotes Hateway Pundit and some other St. Louis-based teabagger, and blows his trumpet (or some sound like that):

Have you noticed what superb writers — and thinkers! — we have on the Tea Party side of the aisle?

Sadly, as they say, no, we haven't.

theblogprof hitches up his Sansabelts and harrumphs that he will tell us what the NAACP really stands for, which is kind of like what the NOW really stands for, and what the AARP really stands for, and oh, here is a video of Michelle Obama speaking to the NAACP, so case closed, amirite? No? Okay, then check out this cartoon about Obama, who "freely enslaved generations." (There Obama goes, time-traveling again!)

This last bit is apparently the new and improved YORE THE REEL RASIST!!!1! line. Think Progress has another example, passing along the story of teabagger national spokesperson Mark Williams, yelling into a microphone somewhere about the NAACP: "They make more money off of race than any slave trader, ever."

One of Breitbart's BigHo offshoots manages to locate a black guy to condemn the NAACP for being "taken over by the hard left." Col. Mustard echoes the NAACP=DemocRat meme and, also like many of his brethren, makes sure to quote someone who goes by the name of "Another Black Conservative." (In light of the Breitbart site, we are tempted to ask if he's the second. But then we recall Thomas Sowell. And of course Clarence and Ginni Thomas.)

Anyway, where were we … hey, how about some Hot Air? Erstwhile Malkin employee Allahpundit, still fond (but not at all in a racist way!) of referring to our president as "The One," whimpers about how "lefties continue to play the 'six degrees of Heinrich Himmler' guilt-by-association game whenever some moron with a racist sign pops up at a tea-party rally."

Hey! It's the "few bad apples" defense! With bonus Hitler tie-in! Some things never get old, do they? Guess he already forgot about yesterday's billboard and video ("It may be the funniest thing you ever see.") stories.

Going right to the top, or the bottom -- views differ -- I felt sure the patron saint of Persecuted RealAmericans™ Everywhere would have something equally if not more stupid to say, so, acting out of my usual sense of morbid curiosity, I Googled palin naacp. I won't bother to pass along what I found there, since it looks like Blue Texan, Little Green Footballs, and Mrs. Polly of Rumproast have got you covered. And besides, it's past time for me to wrap up my imitation of a Roy Edroso tribute band and get on out of here.

I'll close with a screen shot of the Google results. Note the sponsored link. Click it to bigot. I mean, to big it.

screen shot: Googling Palin naacp gives Bachmann ad


[Added] Follow-up here.

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