Friday, March 04, 2011

Newt Gingrich unable to fake sincerity

Have you heard about that fabulous new website, Newt Explore 2012? (This is the "explore" website, not the exploratory committee website, due to shadiness.) Anyway, did you wonder about the crowd in the background? Looked a little young and diverse for a bunch of people supposedly looking up and smiling at the Newt, didn't it?


(alt. video link)

And now those kids on the Tumblr are running with it!

You think the Republicans will ever figure out how this series of tubes works?

(h/t: Betty Cracker/Rumproast)


M. Bouffant said...

Newt's real base requires two pics: A NASCAR infield, & a buncha rich, fat & senior white guys & their trophy wives.

TC said...

You left off the best part of the segment which is how he raises money by not being a declared candidate and increasing his fees for giving speeches by seeming to be a candidate without actually declaring. How about posting that as a follow up?

Brendan said...

That's a good point, and if he weren't, now, so obviously a candidate, it'd be worth doing a post about.

TC said...

The point in the follow up section was that he's never going to become a candidate because a declared candidate has to expose his funds. By pretending to be a candidate about to declare he can raise funds for his personal use without showing how they are spent. The game he plays is to hint that he's going to become a candidate so that people will donate money to him and receive plaques and things in return for a donation. By being an almost candidate he gets bigger fees for speeches and sympathetic people send money to him which he uses to live the good life rather than waste it on a campaign. Notice that you donate to him directly and not to some campaign to elect Newt. Maddow exposed him beautifully. Much more condemning than that he used stock footage in his background picture.

Brendan said...

All right, you've convinced me.

Of course, now he will officially declare, which is not something any of us really wants, because that means the SCLM will treat him even more seriously. I find this much harder to take than I do the thought that a bunch of wingnuts are sending him checks.