Sunday, October 19, 2008

Picture of Cool

Swiped from icebergslim (via Jed). Click to enlarge.

Obama: cool

Let's see, how many things will the wingnuts find to hate about this picture? Fresh fruit instead of a mooseburger, for sure. Clearly showing arrogance by playing with his food instead of paying attention to the caller, who is undoubtedly Bill Ayers, who he shouldn't be talking to anyway. And that background message? ¡O mi dios!

See icebergslim's post for more pictures of the big day in Kansas City. See Jed's post for a link to the story about the recent doings in St. Louis (and here, for slim's pix from St. Louis).

175,000 people turned out, between the two events. Coastal elitists, every single one of those Missourians.


John Evo said...

Cono! Este Mierda!

bjkeefe said...

I forgot to add among the list of outrages one more: Of course, John McCain can't play catch with oranges BECAUSE HE GOT INJURIES BECAUSE HE WAS A POW.