Saturday, October 18, 2008

Small Bit of Happy News

Earlier today, I posted a video of the GOP at their finest, in the person of wingnut Michele Bachman. I noted below the video that recent polling suggests it is not out of the question to think that her spittle-flecked self could be voted out of office.

Now this:

The last few hours have been nothing short of astounding. Since Congresswoman Michele Bachmann appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball earlier tonight, there’s been a deluge of support unlike anything we have seen. We are so grateful to the Daily Kos community and others who’ve sounded the alarm on Bachmann’s extremist, shameful rhetoric and pitched in with whatever they can to help end her tenure in Congress.

Our phones haven’t stopped ringing. Many have called in to say they’re sorry they can only send money and wish they could be here to help. We want you to know what a difference your funds are making and that, thanks in part to your help, we are confident that we will be able to win this race. We are preparing to get out the vote on an unprecedented scale, and with supporters like you we will have the resources we need to get the job done.

I am both hopeful and humbled at the reminder you gave me tonight – that in our country’s darkest times, it is the strength and belief and action of ordinary Americans that ultimately brings about the change we need. From the hardworking folks in Minnesota’s Sixth District to all of you: we are proud to have you on our side.

Thank you,

El Tinklenberg

El Tinkleburg? Yes. Maybe you know him by his full name: Elwyn Tinkleburg. Let's make that Representative Elwyn Tinkleburg.

I'm feeling Minnesota!

(h/t: John Evo)

[Added] And don't forget about that other important Minnesota race.

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