Thursday, May 07, 2009

What Comes After Schadenfreude?

Can't beat Thoreau's take:

People’s Front Against Kenya vs. the Anti-Kenyan People’s Front

By Thoreau

The “birther” folks have decided to stop asking the courts to de-certify the election of Obama, and are instead suing each other. Best part: One of the leaders of a faction in this dispute is actually named Orly. I am getting some 2006 flashbacks, and I need some owls to satiate these flashbacks. Anyway, I guess that since the birth certificate has been found they have nothing left to do other than fight each other.

I love it. This is as hilarious as watching the fallouts among the PUMAs last year.

P.S. Do not miss clicking on the "has been found" link.

Inside jokes explained, if they puzzled you: owl reference | People's Front

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