Monday, July 12, 2010

Eva von Dassow is Shrill!

Three minutes of awesome:

(alt. video link)

The above swiped from PZ, who also has this to say:

It's the faculty who define a university

Unfortunately, it's the administrators who shape the faculty, and they too often lose sight of the purpose of their institution. Here's Eva von Dassow trying to remind the UM regents of their job.

Uh-oh. Von Dassow is in one of those liberal artsy departments, Classics and Near East Studies at the University of Minnesota. Now somebody up top is probably scrutinizing that academic unit and measuring its revenue generation, which, of course, is the true measure of a scholarly endeavor.

PZ Myers is shrill!

(Why does he keep calling people shrill?)
Go here. Then here. Moar here.

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