Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Give It 12 Hours ...

... before the rightwing noise machine is once again howling, "He threw his grandmother under the bus!!!1!"

And wait'll they get to the part where he mentions Rev. Wright.

Obama television interview from 1995.

[Added] Old Man McCain has the other clips, too, in case you missed the link.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good place to mention Atrios's observation:

The Inevitable Republican Hissy Fit

As I've written before, Republicans will inevitably throw some sort of hissy fit over something real or imagined that happens at the Democratic convention in order to try to prevent any kind of convention bounce for Obama. Be prepared.

And a few hours later, Atrios said:

Almost True

Josh is right that Democrats look bad when they say "stop being mean to me!!!" But that's largely because they lack the knowledge and infrastructure to choreograph and perform The Grand Hissy Fit that the Republicans have perfected over the years.

This is just more IOKIYAR: If we speak up about the tactics used against us, we are attacked viciously. If Republicans complain about how they are treated, the media jumps in to legitimize and amplify those complaints. And just as often, as in the case of Bob Schieffer, the media doesn't even wait for Republicans to complain; they gets the ball rolling on their own initiative.

Next week Republicans will identify a number of outrages occurring at the convention, and in short order the outrages will dominate media coverage.

All of the "celebrity" and "fanatical supporter" smears are intended to defuse one event: Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday. Republicans have now successfully planted the "fanatic" and "celebrity" memes in the public mind. McCain commercials showing with crowds chanting "O-bam-a!" have been running in heavy rotation for weeks. He's been calling Obama a celebrity in every commercial since Britney/Paris. The result will be that when Obama takes the stage to give his acceptance speech, all of the atmospherics will serve to reinforce these memes. Obama's own event is now going to be an extension of a McCain commercial used to discredit him.

How's that for jujitsu?