Friday, August 29, 2008

Nice to See The NYT is Reading Balloon Juice

While John Cole was preparing to liveblog Obama's acceptance speech:

6:20 pm- Might as well start early, as it is going to be a long night. To start, a true conversation I just had with my mother:

Mom: So, are you going to watch tonight?

Me: Sure. It will be great political theater, and regardless of your politics, it is a historic first for the country that you want to experience.

Mom: Oh. I was talking about the Steelers (pre-season game).

Congratulations, John. We knew you way back when.

And as long as we're here ...

From later on, direct from the source:

8:23 pm- Bill Richardson: “John McCain can pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes, but we’re the ones who will pay for his flip flops.” Heh.


The best thing about the night- as the press is dissecting Obama’s masterful performance, I flipped to a panel on PBS about the speech. Dolores Kearns Goodwin was talking at length, in the shadow of the Obama speech, that McCain needs to show he can use a teleprompter.


bjkeefe said...

NB: The two later comments were from here and here, but there was something screwy with the permalinks at the time of posting, so I left them out. If they get fixed in the meantime, I'll try to remember to update the main post.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it "Doris" Kearns Goodwin rather than "Dolores"?

bjkeefe said...

Yes. Good catch.

I read right over it, which says bad things about my proofreading, but good things about my speedreading -- evidently, I knew who he was talking about from the three-name chunk and breezed right past it.

I'm not going to [sic] it. John was liveblogging, and I was blockquoting. But it's good that you noted it for the record.