Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why It's Sometimes Worth Reading at Least a Little Past the Headlines

The headline:

PUMAs on the march

The first three words:

DENVER -- A crowd ...

The rest of the lede:

... of about three dozen women and one man are marching down 16th Street in support of Hillary Clinton …

Is thirty-seven a crowd? Maybe, if all you have is three egg cartons. But as a political force? Hell, there's probably twice that many people standing outside the White House right now, chanting "U.S. out of Antarctica."

If there's one thing I want more than anything by the end of this convention, it's for the MSM finally to let go of their fictional "controversy" and admit that the PUMAs are nothing more than a few sad and reality-challenged people, being used by Fox News, played by the Republicans, infiltrated by racists, and suckered by a handful of self-promoting scam artists.

If you're not up on this, browse Rumproast, HillaryIs44, and Yes to Democracy. They've been months ahead of the MSM on exposing this sham and they deserve more of a shout-out than this little blog can give them.


Sornie said...

37 people qualifies as a high school shop class - not a crowd.

bjkeefe said...

Your analogy beats my analogy.

Next time, I send my post over to you for proofreading.

John Evo said...

I liked this.

bjkeefe said...

I did, too. Thanks for the link.

The PUMAs who make it onto TV, plus the bloggy ones I read when succumbing to one of my morbid fascinations, seem comically self-centered. Rumproast has one such example, on Larry King -- the unselfconscious demand that Obama ask her for her vote is just jaw-dropping. It makes you wonder how these people ever make it out of the house, what with the flood of indignities the rest of the universe is ready to foist upon them.