Friday, August 29, 2008

The Spanking of the Wingnut

Althouse meltdownIf you feel about Ann Althouse the way I feel about Ann Althouse, you'll love Nicole Belle's brilliant piece of snark.

Althouse is predictably outraged, outraged, over this piece. I won't link to her sputtering reaction on her blog, because she hates when you won't link to her, and I know she's reading this right now, because she has a Google Alert set up to notify her of every last mention of her name online. Hi, Ann!

[Added] Who knew? l@lhouse! l@lhouse!

(pic. source (screen grab from video))


John Evo said...

LOL! I don't bother with Ann much but did watch her the other day on and was forced to leave snarky comments. Couldn't help it.

Anyway, columns. Yeah. You know what I thought when I saw the stage? "Looks like D.C. Pretty cool".

Thanks to you and to the author of the piece for not linking. That's a great idea.

John Evo said...
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bjkeefe said...

The other thing about the stage, I noticed, is that for all the whoop-de-do about the columns, they weren't in the picture when Obama was speaking. All you could see in the background was an American flag, blowing nicely in the breeze, flanked by two handsome, office-looking windows. (I read later that these were to suggest the Oval Office, and realized, "duh." Plus, the curved aspect.

Back to how it probably came across: "38 million viewers watched Obama's speech."


John Evo said...

I wish more had seen it but, like you said, they probably did.