Sunday, August 31, 2008

I Tried to Be Serious, But They Just Won't Let Me

In my last post, I took the attitude that prominent bloggers on the right, while insulated and oversensitive, may someday be amenable to reasoned debate. But TBogg quashed that mood by catching the latest example of the paranoia riddling Little Green Footballs and sites who follow its lead. You'll have to wade through some geekery, but it's worth it for the laughs.

You'll note that TBogg doesn't give a link to the LGF post. This is not a violation of blogospheric protocol. It turns out that Charles Johnson, the proprietor of LGF, is so sensitive that he has set up his site to redirect links coming from sites that mock him. TBogg has long been On The List; Sadly, No! and LGF Watch have been similarly banished. This says a lot about the inability of the far right to tolerate dissent, doesn't it?

Anyway, if you want to see the LGF post to which TBogg refers, here's the link:

I doubt I'll ever rise to the stature of Those Who Must Not Point, but if you click that link and find yourself watching a stupid Flash animation or looking at the web site for the IDF, try copying and pasting the link instead.

It's worth browsing the comments on the LGF post, too, if you're unaware of just how unhinged wingnuts can get when left alone to stew in each other's juices. For example …

wright1 says:

Interestingly, a lot of the tactics on the left are right out of the nazi/fascist propagandist textbooks: lie, smear, lie, plausible deniability then lie, smear and lie some more

Taqyia2Me says:

Yet another thread that will be forwarded to my entire email address list.

Tells you something about those emails we keeping hearing about, doesn't it?

Dwayne says:

As a gay man, I am convinced that the true jackbooted thugs in America are people found on the left. And if any gay man or woman out there reading this doubts me, just try disagreeing with someone on the left who knows you're gay, and there is a pretty good chance those supposedly tolerant and openminded people will suddenly turn into a raging homophobe.

Eventually, they work their way around to the best way to deal with the coming Obama-led fascist state.

The Other Les says:

AKs make fine hunting rifles. at least that's what i say when people ask why i have one.

At a relatively short range, certainly.

I keep one within arm's reach as I type this in at this moment.

And so on. There are another 540 or so comments along these lines, for your reading pleasure. Ahem.

As a palate cleanser, see also TBogg's "Mooseketeers." It may set a new record for Awwww.

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