Monday, August 25, 2008

Just When You Thought Fox "News" Couldn't Get Any More Pathetic

Gawker has a post and a video clip of the sort of Fair and BalancedTM coverage we've come to expect. Note the permanent "Leftist" caption, the overhyping of what's really happening, and most of all: the beyond stale victim mantra of the wingnuts these days -- every time they're questioned, disputed, or ignored, it's "censorship."

And really, is there some kind of Murdoch-owned clone factory for pumping out these gated-community, "concerned," hairspray-sodden "blonde" hosts?

My peeps have it right: Fuck Fox News.

(h/t: TBogg)


John Evo said...

I must be one of your peeps. Been saying it for years. If it wasn't for football and The Simpsons, I'd never turn the network on at all. But I certainly can't remember the last time I watched a moment of Faux News.

bjkeefe said...

You've evidently had the good fortune to be trapped in fewer waiting areas than I have. Seems like there is no escaping it.