Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pathetic Or What?

Following up on the last post …

This (POW) mumbling, (POW) meandering, (POW) faux-humble (POW) act (POW) is really grating on my nerves. Tell me whether this makes you feel the same way, right from the first "answer."

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(h/t: The Jed Report)


Anonymous said...

Remember when Biden said that Giuliani only put a noun, a verb, and 9/11 in every sentence? McCain is down to a noun, a verb, and POW or war hero in every sentence. Still I have to give him credit for a clever dodge to say they are all investments and he doesn't actually live there so you have to talk to his investment counselor to get the current number of investments. Still and all an average man doesn't have 8 or 10 million dollar investments.

bjkeefe said...

To be fair about it ... strike that. This isn't about being fair. When you think about the McCain campaign and how their entire message has been 50% juvenile smears of Obama and 50% "John McCain is a POW/hero," fuck fairness.

McCain got all sorts of ejaculatory ink spilled on his behalf back when he was talking about wanting to run an honorable campaign. It's about time the MSM woke up to and realized that what John McCain says and what John McCain does are rarely the same thing. He's a snake.

Do I wish the presidential campaigns were more elevated, that they were about the issues, and that the media did a better job? Of course. But the reality is, the Republicans have long since managed to convince the media and too many in the electorate that the campaign should stay in the gutter, so that's where we'll have to fight it out.

If it's something as stupid as McCain failing to deliver one of his usual pat answers on this house thing, so be it. And if he and his campaign have so little to offer that all they can come up with in response is the perennial thou must genuflect to my POW awesomeness, that deserves to be ridiculed as well.

You're exactly right about a noun, a verb, and POW in every sentence. Keep reminding people.

bjkeefe said...

Smarter guy, more politely.