Friday, August 22, 2008

Opera Update

I don't usually note updates in software that I don't use, and I haven't played around with the Opera browser in years, but I keep seeing notes that there's a big patch available. Brian Krebs has details.

Krebs notes that the Opera developers still haven't gotten around to building an automatic update mechanism. Boo, hiss, to say the least. Consequently:

Last month, a massive study based on browser data collected by Google showed that only slightly more than half of Opera users are surfing with the most recent, patched version of the browser. By comparison, 83.3 percent of Firefox users were found to have the latest version installed at any given time. This disparity is largely due to the fact that Firefox downloads updates automatically and prompts the user to install them immediately. If the user declines the update, the patches are installed the next time the browser is started.

Now you know.

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