Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Note to the Editor of the National Review Online


I guess if this is the best possible picture of you, and you're only about 30, it's understandable why you might write something like this:

The Next Constituency, the Slut Vote? [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Why did John McCain even bother with Madonna? Her whore-at-50-shtick is pathetic. I think we can ignore her latest p.r. stategy.

I can well imagine, Kathryn Jean, that Madonna has attracted a few more men than you have, so this explains where "slut" comes from: plain and simple jealousy.

But really, think about your past and present jobs before calling someone else a "whore." Heritage Foundation? National Review? You take money to make your mouth move the way your paymasters want, don't you?

(pic. source | h/t: Matthew Yglesias)

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