Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's Biden

Joe BidenBarack Obama has picked Senator Joseph Biden of Delaware to be his running mate, if you hadn't already heard.

I'm happy with this choice. Far better than the other names that were being bandied about lately, that's for sure.

My biggest worry, as I noted elsewhere: there is already a pre-built narrative about Biden-as-gaffe-machine, just as there was for McCain-as-maverick and Gerald Ford-as-accident-prone. The MSM will doubtless spend 90% of their time writing stories about everything he says in this light. If he manages to keep his foot out of his mouth for a week, they'll doubtless resort to speculative pieces like, "Has Obama clamped down on Biden? Why hasn't Biden said anything memorable? Is the pit bull turning into a poodle?" And so on.

Can't wait for the first round of wingnut pieces attacking Biden for being a "Washington insider." You know, because he's spent 35 years there, and McCain Teh Maverick has only spent 26.

Ultimately, I'm as happy as I could reasonably be with this choice. I look forward to many moments like this:

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Go get 'em, Joe.

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