Sunday, August 31, 2008

John McWhorter on The Colbert Report


John Evo said...

I got a different view of John from this interview.

bjkeefe said...

Better, worse, or just different?

I liked seeing him have a real belly laugh. I've never seen more than a chuckle from him before.

John Evo said...

Just different. Maybe he was more starched. Stiff as a rod. And all that! I could almost envision him in that wonderful photoshopping picture you did. I'm just saying... Different. He did get married a couple of years ago, right? Wonder what he was waiting for?

bjkeefe said...

I did wonder if John was gay the first couple of times I heard him speak, too. I think it was the expressed affection for show tunes. ;^)

Just for the record, once more, not my Photoshop work.