Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Obama at the
2008 Democratic National Convention

Pretty darned good, at times quite moving. Be sure to watch the last four minutes, especially.

(alt. video link)


John Evo said...

Annoying little kid.

Anonymous said...

"Annoying little kid."

Actually, yes.

I hadn't watched the last few minutes with Barack's conversation. The girls did get him off track, didn't they?

What are the comments out there about this? Not that it makes any difference politically, but just curious.

bjkeefe said...

I thought the kids were charming, and I think most other people did, too, from what blogospheric chatter I saw.

There were some comments about the whole thing looking a little awkward, but that's probably better than looking too slick for something like this.

I originally thought the introduction of the family that Obama was visiting failed, since the camera never moved off him, but I saw a picture later that showed another screen above him, in which they were all visible.