Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Answer to Every Question From Now On

From John McCain, I mean.

John McCain POW

Now it's just getting silly.

[Update] Even sillier.

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John Evo said...

I like the comparison between John McCain's "P.O.W." and Rudy Giuliani's "9/11". People are goofing on him for it. There is nothing worse for a politician than being ridiculed. Imagine getting ridiculed for what you see as your defining moment!

bjkeefe said...

Yeah, I think he's in a little bit of danger of this. It'll be interesting to see if the Dems can keep this in play, especially with the convention coming up. I can't think of a good way for them to keep it front and center, unless the McCain campaign doesn't lay low during the convention and keeps putting it out there. I guess I'll be happy if none of the prime-time speakers feels the need to "honor him for his service."

However, with the GOP convention coming up so soon afterwards -- and you know they have nothing to sell but homilies and McCain's "bio," that might be enough to push it into the permanently laughable state.

John Evo said...

God I hate "honoring him for his service". Fuck that. All these Democrats a shitting in their pants scared that they'll be called unAmerican if they dare criticize him for invoking "I was a P.O.W." without tacking on "of course no one takes away from his wonderful service to our country".

bjkeefe said...

God I hate "honoring him for his service".

You and me both. But yeah, you're right about the reason. The Democrats have let themselves be completely owned on anything to do with war, no matter how remote the association. It doesn't matter that McCain being a crappy pilot forty years ago has nothing to do with his fitness to be president. It doesn't matter that the Dems have done far more to support the troops in terms of legislation. The rightwing noise machine has convinced the mouthbreathers in this country that the Dems are weak and don't respect the military, and rather than fighting this meme in any useful way, the Dems have almost universally cowed before it.