Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bill Clinton at the
2008 Democratic National Convention

No matter how many times he pisses you off, he can still make you like him the next day.

(alt. video link)


Anonymous said...

If one obviates the first three to four minutes of swaying the audience into feeding his narcissism, the rest was awesome. No matter how many faults we find in him, he is one of the best speakers around.


bjkeefe said...

Interesting. I didn't get that sense from him in the start. I mean, sure, he was delighted to be applauded and was soaking it in.

But it's also true that the crowd noise in a situation like this doesn't come across on TV very well. The microphone on the podium is highly directional, and has a responsivity that falls off quickly with distance. Usually when you hear crowds on TV, say, at sporting events or concerts, the crowd noise is miked separately and added to the output mix that's broadcast.

I don't know why they don't do this at the conventions -- probably worried that someone in the crowd will curse and the FCC will come down on them for it. But I'm convinced that it was too loud for him to start talking right away. And I don't even like this guy much anymore.