Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Study Also Finds Water Is Wet

Part of a Pew Research Center report on News Interests and Knowledge (click to zoom):

Fox News Keeps You Stupid

Clearly, the questions designed to measure "high knowledge" were liberally biased.


Anonymous said...

OK Fox news is at the bottom of the heap but other, perhaps even more reactionary, shows are right up there amongst the "high knowledge" crowd (whatever that means).

In other words I'm not sure how to interpret those figures.

bjkeefe said...

You're quite right, Alastair -- there really isn't much of a case to be made from these data, especially when you add to your observation that also near the bottom are the major network news shows and CNN. Really, what this table shows is that those who rely on TV for news and information, no matter what channel, aren't getting much of it.

I posted this as a quick sight gag, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

The most surprising thing to me was that only 34% of the viewers of the Colber Repor and 30% of the viewers of the Daily Show could name the Secretary of State, the Prime Minister of Britain, and the party that has a majority in Congress.

Also surprised that 38% of O'Reilly's viewers are college grads. I wonder if they misplaced or omitted a decimal point?

John Evo said...

Highest Pct. of college grads - "business magazines"....

Ah... America. Home sweet home.