Friday, November 21, 2008

F. A.

It was an obvious joke, but I did make it, and now it has come to pass: Bill Ayers has been interviewed by Terry Gross. It's quite good. Even if you read the Salon interview I recommended a few days ago, there's more to be had.

I particularly like the way he refuses to take the easy way out, dismissing the shallowness and meaninglessness of our current "age of apology." At the same time, the interview makes clear how stupid it is to call him "unrepentant," let alone a "terrorist." Things just aren't that simple.

Set aside 45 minutes and go listen.

(If the thought of sitting at your computer for that length of time seems unbearable, you can subscribe to the Fresh Air podcast, and download it for offline listening. More info here.)

(h/t: Twin, via email; reminded by Ta-Nehisi Coates)

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