Friday, November 14, 2008

Light Bytes

• No More Mister Nice Blog -- three-line post of the month

• Bob Cesca makes me slap my head -- in my morbid obsession of tracking unhinged Obama-haters, how could I have forgotten to keep an eye on Conservapedia?

• Oliver Willis -- another awesome caption

• Wonkette has the video title of the day

• Possibly the only time I've thought dressing up as Darth Vader was appropriate

• Umbrage-takers alert -- Indecision2008 reports:

Last African-American in the Senate forced to give up seat. Way to go, America.


paul dipietro said...

the full conservapedia entry about Barack Obama is another one worth reading if you are a fussbudget about language. Or syntax. Or maintaining a cohesive thought instead of stringing together a whole bunch of scary sounding words. Check "anonymous donors never undisclosed" in the first paragraph, it only gets better.

bjkeefe said...

Too true. The semi-literate nature of Conservapedia only adds to the twisted pleasure I get from browsing their articles.

Here's the direct link to Conservapedia's article on Obama, for those who missed it in Cesca's piece.