Thursday, November 20, 2008

If You've Got a Busy Day Ahead ...

... stop reading this post now.

If not, then head on over to the start page where Google is hosting a LIFE magazine photo archive that spans more than a century. It's browsable, has some taxonomy, and of course it's searchable, too.

The search functionality can be used from the main Google Image Search page, too (NB: not the main Google page). Just add the string source:life to your search terms, and the results return will be exclusively from this hosted archive.

Hank AaronFor example, if you wanted to search on a boyhood hero whose uniform number has some current significance, enter

   "hank aaron" source:life

to obtain these results.

The source:life bit can be placed before or after the search keywords.

Link via Julianne Dalcanton of Cosmic Variance, who used the archive to put together a very nice post featuring pictures of old astronomers.

[Added] Sean finds another, with a funny twist.

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