Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Bill Said

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Here's Bill Maher being interviewed by Arianna Huffington (guest-hosting The Rachel Maddow Show):

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I've been feeling a lot of what Maher said here. There are any number of lefties online moaning about Lieberman, or Hillary Clinton, or Rahm Emanuel, or Eric Holder, or whom- or whatever, and I confess to being unable to share their outrage. As Maher says, every time in the past year someone fretted about a choice Obama made, it turned out that he was right and the fretter wrong. So, while I worry about the media frenzy that starts every time a Clinton's name is mentioned, and still have trouble getting over my visceral wish to wreak vengeance on Holy Joe, and I don't plan to be a unquestioning fanboy for the next four years, for the moment, I really think this says it all:

Obama: everybody chill, I got this

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