Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Listening Recommendation

I've mentioned Poli-Sci-Fi Radio before. It's one of my favorite podcasts. This week's episode is especially good. Two of the highlights: Steve gives a detailed wrap-up of Obama's likely Cabinet officials and Bill nerdgasses over the trailer for the new Star Trek movie. Also of interest: the political gamesmanship involved in Joe Biden's resignation from the Senate, brief reflections on Lieberman's slap on the wrist, a look at the recent indictment of Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales, Bill's report on the first meeting he attended as a new board member for the Vermont chapter of the ACLU, worrying about the possible death of the Sarah Connor Chronicles, more nerdgassing over Firefly, and a possible call to action to bring Netflix to its knees. Bonus: Discussion of Sarah Palin comprises two sentences total. Good times. Stream or download the MP3 at the above link, or subscribe (for free) via iTunes by clicking this direct link.

And congratulations to PSFR on their one-year anniversary (official celebration next week).

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