Thursday, November 06, 2008


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(h/t: TPM)


Unknown said...

Hahaha, classic. I'm glad that impression of Obama supporters didn't take hold before the election. Man, did McCain run a bad campaign, especially compared with the brutal efficiency of the Bush/Cheney 04 machine.

But, like all good comedy, there's a certain amount of truth in that Onion piece. I'm more relaxed and content about our nation's prospects than I've been in almost a decade. All that pent up anxiety about the outcome of the election, gone. What an enormous relief. We got the country back from the bad guys. For the first time in a long time, we can relax.

(Of course, relaxing carries its own risks, but that's another topic. Suffice it to say we can't rest for long; the battle will continue in earnest. The wingnuts will be more poisonous and loony than ever. E.g., the reappearance of DenvilleSteve.)

bjkeefe said...

Yeah, that DenvilleSteve -- amazing how he reappeared so suddenly and so forcefully right after the election.

I am now changing the status from "just kidding" to "when you think about it ..." the idea that kidneystones has multiple personality disorder.

Unknown said...

That South Park episode might be getting more play, but I think this ONN clip is potentially more unnerving.