Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Monkey On His Back, But In A Good Way

That little face says a lot about the situation, doesn't it? Click to see it considerably larger.

Monkey on soldier's back

A monkey rides on the back of a U.S. Army soldier October 23, 2008 at combat outpost Dallas in the Kunar Province of eastern Afghanistan. The monkey went along as a temporary mascot with soldiers who were switching out with comrades who had been in the remote outpost for a week. (John Moore/Getty Images) #

The above is the eighth in the series titled Afghanistan's Korengal Valley, the 12 November edition of a new daily feature on The Boston Globe's website called The Big Picture. It's amazingly good, day after day -- ten to thirty pictures on a theme, available for your scrolling pleasure, no annoying slideshow packaging. Bookmark or subscribe to the feed posthaste.

Some other recent standouts:

The most recent, yesterday's, is Peering into the microworld, which may bug some of you out.

[Added] Not for the first time, I see Don McArthur beat me to the recommendation.

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Anonymous said...

I would like a scanning electron microscope for X-mas, Santa. I've been better than most of my betters, promise.