Sunday, November 16, 2008

Your Moment of Awww -- Dap Edition

Click for much larger:

Obama giving little kid dap

I give it another four hours before the wingnuts post this with the caption "Obama teaching terrorist fist jab to children!!!1! And he's not fooling us with that Wall Street Journal either -- you know he has the New York Slimes hidden inside!!1!"

(h/t: KK via email. He suggested it was a candidate for "Awe of the Day," which if it isn't a typo is subtly good)

[Added] The above reminded me of a political cartoon by Joel Pett that I saw a few days ago. Long as we got a theme going on …

Obama and Lincoln fist bump by Joel Pett

Click pick to enlarge. More Joel Pett here. This one is brilliant (bear in mind his home state).

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