Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh, The Irony

From the NYT (emph. added):

“They are arguably the most transparent former first couple in history,” said one Democratic official, who declined to be identified because the talks are confidential.


bjkeefe said...

The above is from an article describing Bill Clinton's financial connections and how they might present a problem if Hillary is to be Obama's Secretary of State, as you probably already figured out.

I haven't had much interest in speculating or debating about Obama's possible staff and Cabinet appointments, but I will say that, as when the topic du jour was the VP pick, the biggest thing that worries me about Hillary is Bill. In between the media's love for making everything to do with the Clintons into major drama and Bill's never-ending urge to play the Big Dog, plus the amount of good Hillary could do in the Senate, I am inclined to think she wouldn't be a great choice for SecState.

On the other hand, between her and her husband, the amount of established international connections is staggering, and for all the worries about potential or imagined conflicts of interests, this part seems like a net positive in the world of diplomacy.

Ah, well. We'll know soon enough.

Anonymous said...

"... as you probably already figured out."

I don't know who you think has figured anything out. Certainly not me!

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, I do grasp stuff here and there. Just very little...

Unknown said...

Irony or not, I sure don't envy these anonymous Clinton-bashers.

Being a backbencher dog-kicker is tough business. Kick a downed dog too soon and he'll bite. Kick too late, and he's already dead (and you can't get pain out of a dead dog).

You long for the wisdom to divine that perfect instant, to be the first to kick the growling dog, to get a snarl, then a bark, then a sigh, then a wimper. As you announce your long-awaited triumph to fellow dog-kickers with an over-bold howl, others bow low while plotting their own revenge against your having thwarted their own long-planned revenge with your treachery.

Better to do like Bill Clinton did: keep your enemies close, and your friends guessing.

I laud us Progressives for having secured our turn at bat. Bashing the New Democrats is vanity and spite (and self-destructive).

My special awe goes to those who managed to serve their convictions over convenience, without self-aggrandizement or kiss-and-tell book deal: Here's to Robert Reich and Joycelyn Elders, with special mention to our military martyrs Eric Shinseki and Margaret Cammermeyer.