Friday, November 14, 2008

Molly Ivins on Camille Paglia

Scott Lemieux noted the latest bit of drivel from Camille Paglia over on LGM. He, like me, is mystified that Salon thinks Paglia qualifies for inclusion on a site that would very much like you to pay for its content. As a measure of the good taste of LGM readers, his shorters verbatims caused gleeful piling on in the comments. Among those: a link from galnoir, pointing to a 1991 essay by the late, great Molly Ivins on Paglia.

For those who find monospace fonts unappealing (or who, like me, can never get enough Molly), I came across a PDF version* of the same piece, on an archive page* that offers a sampling of the work Molly originally published in Mother Jones.

* [Update 2009-03-11] The recent MoJo site redesign appears to have broken this link. Here's a version of the old page in the Wayback Machine. And here's an alternate link for the specific PDF file, if the one above won't open properly.

[Update 2010-06-28] Try also here: PDF.


Eponym said...

When some fellow feminist doesn't like my music (How could you not like "You are just another sticky wheel on the grocery cart of life"?), I have always felt free to say, in my politically correct feminist fashion, "Fuck

An iconic demonstration of the perfection of Molly's prose. What a shame that GWB gets to live out his post-Presidency without her around to provide the definitive summary of his career.

bjkeefe said...

I was thinking much the same thing -- this is a world of little justice that Molly Ivins is taken away and we are left with the opining of Camille Paglia. It's enough to make me want to believe in heaven.