Thursday, November 13, 2008

VLC Media Player Update (and Reminders)

VLC Media Player is now at version 0.9.6. If you're using anything earlier, you're advised to upgrade as soon as possible -- the latest version closes "highly critical" security holes. (details)

Depending on what version you have, there may or may not be a way to upgrade from within the program itself. Newer versions may have a Help → Check for Updates option; I had version 0.8.6, and it did not.

I just went to VLC's web site,, downloaded the new version, and let it install over the old one. No problems.

The new version looks like it has added bells and whistles, compared to v.0.8.6, the most interesting of which appears to be support for podcast management. I haven't played around with this feature yet, but given that iTunes stopped shipping patches for Windows 2000 a while ago, I'll certainly be checking it out soon.


Update to my last computer security post: If you haven't already done so, it's looking like more imperative that you update Adobe Reader right away -- active exploits are reported to be in the wild. Don't let an evil PDF file ruin your whole day! Get the latest version of Adobe Reader now (handy link and caveat in that post).

Reminder: I said in that last post that the Flash update should be done right away. If you're not at version, do the upgrade. Check your version of Flash here, and get a newer version, if necessary, by following the download link on that same page.

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