Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Less Appealing Rodent

I have now seen the hamster on a piano vid [1] on more than two blogs, so, in the journalistic spirit that says three times is a trend, I now propose a new political catchphrase, to be used and overused like thrown under the bus.

Consider the plight of the sanctimonious little prick whom Rachel Maddow has called "my single favorite Senator from the Connecticut for Lieberman Party." [2]  While he awaits the results of the voting at this coming week's meeting of the Senate Democratic caucus -- will he be stripped of his DHS committee chairmanship? -- there isn't much that he can do. In some sense, he's a powerful figure, if you buy into the idea that he might be number 60 come the next vote for cloture. In another sense, he's entirely impotent -- he really has no way to affect his fate beyond going on TV, squeaking and nibbling, and he is at the mercy of the giant hand pushing him where it will.

In other words: Until he knows the outcome of this week's caucus vote, Joe Lieberman is the hamster on the piano.

The eating popcorn part goes without saying, since these are the best of times, at least in that sense.

[1] If you haven't already seen it, voici:

(alt. video link)

[2] The whole thing is well worth watching, especially the closing thirty seconds:

(alt. video link | alt. alt. video link)

(h/t: watertiger )

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